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I am finally back to drawing! I am so happy about this and I thank anyone who has continued to watch me over this time! You are all excellent!!!

Not much has been happening around me lately, just a culmination of things and situations.

Anyway, I was going to announce that I have opened commissions! I can break down the prices for you here and, if you are interested, just message me here or add a comment or whatever you'd like~

5x7 black and white picture w/o background
    $1 for Digital | $2 for traditional
5x7 color picture w/o background
    $2 for Digital | $3 for traditional
5x7 color picture w/ background
    $3 for Digital | $4 for traditional
8x11 black and white w/o background
    $3 for Digital | $4 for traditional
8x11 color picture w/o background
    $4 for Digital | $5 for traditional
8x11 color picture w/ background
    $5 for Digital | $6 for traditional

The amount of characters, full body or waist up, content of the picture, and things of that nature can be talked about and negotiated. Depending on exactly what you'd desire the price may stay the same or go up--usually only if you would like more than one character--but I honestly doubt that.

I am also open for any sort of writing commissions that anyone would be interested in! I am willing to provide examples to any that are interested in them~
 I can write anything from platonic relationships with plot to erotic squicky sort of scenarios--my only real problem is with incest.

Anyways, thanks for everything!


LegatosServant's Profile Picture
United States
I'm LS, though I was born with the name Brittaney Ciara. I'm a Christian but I normally go with Protestant because the other term is looked down on now and I am the kind who loves everyone regardless, not loves only those who I don't have to judge. The judging isn't up to me, so why would I bother?

I'm fat but it doesn't bother me quite as much as I let on, I dye my hair every few weeks and I dress far more exciting then I really am. I like pink, teal and white, and I'm against doing things just because people tell me I should "express myself." I desire to one day be the most normal person in the whole world, I don't like being "unique" or "nonsensical" only because I never much cared for what people did to themselves to be that way.

I'm going to college to be a therapist and acquire a doctorate in psychology because I grew up with a schizophrenic family and a mother who was diagnosed with it. Ever since I was a tiny child, I've been mesmerized with how people think and how their minds work. Which caused me to analyze things more then I should on a "human nature" and "environment" standpoint. I have a accurate view on each person, but it isn't because I'm extra observant or pay more attention then everyone, it's only because I know human nature and the influence of environments on people which causes me to mold my understanding of those around people and come up with who they are in their head. We aren't all as complex as we think.

I can't hide emotions, I can't hide anything. Mostly because getting things off of my chest helps me from keeping my fear of being just as insane as I feared I'd become from tearing me apart. I'm open, just so you know, and I have a weird urge to help every single person I talk to, I will ask how you're doing and I will pry a little. Psychology is my interest, I want to know how everyone works in the one part of the human body that can't be entirely explained.

Current Residence: West Sacramento, CA.. again
Favourite genre of music: Korean Music > ___>;
Operating System: Windows--FAAAR better then MAC, in my opinion.. I can use Windows better then MAC
MP3 player of choice: iPod suckahh
Favourite cartoon character: Davis Motomiya from Digimon; Tweek Tweak from South Park; Solid Snake from MGS
Personal Quote: "You can't change a person but you can be the reason a person changes." - Spongebob S

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Are you ever on MSN anymore? I don't ever really come on here only because I forget D| But I won't anymore!
I love you a looooot<3
I love how even though you don't know I freaking -LOVE- Honey Bunches of Oats, but use that to describe your love xD I freaking adore you<3333
Miimochi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
Omg I luv Honey Bunches of Oats to death~ mmmmmmmm---
Haha I'm not really on it a all. PFF

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Lul, I'm never on it either, so I understand xD I try and get on here occasionally but, it's hard what with college and... life xD

Yeah, college is a good place to just get a fresh start xD I love it too<3
Yay xD Drama is... gah. I never really ever had drama in high school but I SURELY don't have any now xD
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